Guide to Number & Text Material Highlights in Cut In Plates

The first image to the left shows “13 NEWMAN DRIVE” with a Brushed Aluminium plate with the numbers and text cut through then highlighted with matt black acrylic.

This combination is probably the more widely chosen pair as they provide the most contrast to each other.

Both materials blend with almost all modern house styles and just about any colour scheme.

The main exception being older style houses, especially Victorian styles, for these houses reversing the materials and using the matt black as the plate material often works well, as shown with the “226 Glen Eira” plate on the right

This next section shows “6 mackay” to the left with a Brushed Aluminium plate with the numbers and text cut through, then highlighted with Mirror Aluminium.

The mirror adds a very sophisticated look, with the added characteristic of it changing colour and tone depending on the angle it is viewed from. It will reflect images of surrounding landscaping. The mirror reflects the amount of light around so that of a night it actually looks black, which provides a good contrast to the Brushed Aluminium main plate.

The Mirror aluminium also works beautifully with the black plates, as shown with the “19 The Landing” plate. One issue to note with the Black & Mirror combination is that of a night as the Mirror becomes dark with less light to reflect, there is very little contrast between the materials.

This final section shows the plates with the numbers and text cut through then highlighted with Clear Acrylic.

This option allows the features or colour of your wall to be viewed through the cut out portions of the numbers and text.

The reason we add the Clear Acrylic is that it enables us to re-attach the centres of some of the numbers and letters that are floating since they have been cut all the way through, for example the “0”. Some companies don’t put anything behind but instead use what is called bridges or tabs to hold these pieces in place. We prefer to do the extra work to keep the clean lines of the numbers and letters without these bridges. The Clear Acrylic actually creates a window effect as you look through it to the wall behind.