We have designed all these letterboxes from the ground up, with the focus on style and function, or in our terminology, they keep your mail dry and secure, while looking adding a stylish feature to the front of your home.

Mountain Letterboxes

Mounted onto the front of Walls, Fences, Posts, Sleepers, even Rocks

Cave Built In Letterboxes

Built Into solid Block / Brick, or Concrete walls

These letterboxes all take an A4 envelope that will fit completely inside the box without being left hanging out the front, ensuring that your mail stays dry and secure.

The look is the main check box, but equally important for us, is will they still have the look and desirability that lead you to want it in the first place, 10 or more years later.

That is where our selection of materials and our construction process comes into play, we make sure we go the extra distance in these areas.

These letterboxes are constructed entirely of Aluminium with a 2 pac automotive finish . Aluminium does not rust, plus the addition of the coating means that the finish colour of your letterbox will not fade or acquire Tea Staining like that associated with Stainless Steel.

For more details about Tea Staining of Stainless Steel click this link https://bobject.com.au/why-we-use-aluminium-and-not-stainless-steel/

After you place an order and receive the product, we don’t ignore you, we actually get you to work for us, (totally unpaid of course :). Although we do substantial testing, its from our customers that we get the real testing and evaluation so we encourage you to contact us if you have any problems with the product, even years later we will work to fix any problems.

Just remember, at BoBject we do not import cheap Chinese low grade stainless steel products, then mark them up and sell them on with no thought into there suitability to the Australian climate. We only make House Numbers and Letterboxes, manufactured by ourselves and sold direct to you. That coupled with our desire to give you a product that we are proud of pushes us to go the extra distance in the design and fabrication of your letterbox.

We focus on customer interaction, support, and back up of our products in real life. If you have a particular problem or unusual location installation request, just contact us with the details, and we will see if we can offer a solution.

Whether you are in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, ACT, Queensland, or the Northern Territory, we encourage you to give us a call toll free on 1300 88 1211 with any questions, even if it’s just to put your mind at ease that we really do exist before sending in your order.