Solar Backlit Plates

With your own Number and Street name, these Backlit Plates bring a whole new dimension to your street frontage.

By day they add a beautiful feature to the front of your home, and by night they add a completely new dimension to your property, alongside the safety aspect of being able to identify your home from a long way down the street in the dark. 

Illuminated Plates:

  • Available in Brushed Aluminium, Satin Black, Matt Black, Monument, or Satin White Aluminium finishes.
  • Multiple sizes (see order page)
  • Numbers / Letters available in 15 different fonts.
  • A textured light diffuser is installed behind the cut out Numbers and /or the Letters to distribute the light more evenly.
  • LED’s are fitted to the inside of the Plate, pre-wired so you simply plug into the Solar Panel
  • DIY installation, no electrician required – no electrocution risk. (12 volt system)
  • Mounting brackets are fitted to the rear of the plate for easy installation.

Solar Panel:

  • Automatically turns the Plate lights on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Provides full power to the LED’s for 5 hours, then reduces power to 50% (which still provides plenty of light) for the early hours of the
    morning, ensuring the plate is consistently lit during the night.
  • The Solar Panel is equipped with dual batteries to allow up to 3 days of night illumination, even if one day is overcast.
  • Solar panel dimensions are 170mm wide by 30mm high, and extends 140mm out from the wall.
  • Battery life is approximately 2 years, before new batteries need to be fitted.
  • Wire length from Solar Panel to Plate is 3 metres. (Being only 12 volt the wire can be lengthened, without requiring an electrician)


  • We provide all mounting screws, a drill hole template and fitting instructions to ensure smooth installation. The Solar Panel will need a day at first to charge the batteries, before the light works for the first time.


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